Friday, May 13, 2011

Road Rage of Life

"Getting To Know You" by Dar Freeland
images & text © 2007-2011 dar freeland | all rights reserved

Who is at the wheel fighting for control right now – is it my Highest Self or my Ego self?

It is valuable to check in on this regularly. Resentment leaves clues, big obvious ones. It is usually bolstered by a firm story, and perpetuated by a string of negative emotions designed by the Ego to keep itself inflamed and justified to be in power.

We can tell we're not in our Highest place, if we are treading in a pool of resentment, fear, anger or attack...

We are all born with an Ego, and it’s our responsibility to feed and care for it with love.

The Ego thinks its only function is to protect us, and it will take us to the mat trying to do so.

Our Higher Self however – knows better, creates stronger and naturally loves with more compassion and fervor than any illusion that Ego may portray.

So, how to dethrone the Ego? It isn't with more anger...that is the Ego mirroring itself. We take back the wheel with love and compassionate action. We intercept ourselves, hold our tongues and look more closely to bust our own story. Then we move into trust and faith that our answers will come.

The first step is to recognize or admit what is happening, who is driving? Then accept it is happening, because stuff happens. What we choose to do with it is our way to peaceful co-existence with the Ego. How we perceive and spin a thing in our head, tells us – through the blessing of our feelings – who is driving.

It us up to us to empower and allow our Higher Self to take back the wheel.

Because life is a wheel.

It will always come back to our starting point.

--dar freeland

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