Thursday, January 26, 2012


Face Up • The Art of Recognition • "Taken Back" by Dar Freeland
images & text © 1994 - 2012 dar freeland | all rights reserved

Ever feel that sense of aggravation, stress or despair when you are struggling against a piece of clothing that simply will not come off?

Has the life of the past taken on this meaning for you?

For some, it feels like the old skin will never shed, despite the most dedicated efforts. A snake will hibernate, feel vulnerable, rub and writhe against immoveable objects to release his old skin. Is that what we are doing? The immoveable objects will help us in moving the old within us – if we use it properly.

Do we grasp old skin unconsciously not wanting to let go of the familiar? Even when it is painful, are the unknown possibilities standing before us bringing up more fear, followed by paralysis? Do we justify that it may be best to keep the old skin because at least we know what to expect?

What beautiful new butterfly is inside of the chrysalis waiting to come forth?

Whether a snake, a butterfly or an old turtleneck sweater – peeling off the old to allow the new to emerge is the task at hand, the path before us. We can choose to thank those objects that will not move, shift or transform – and move ahead anyway.

It is our blessing to leave the old skin behind.

--dar freeland

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