Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ants and Cracks

Face Up • The Art of Recognition • "Ants & Cracks" by Dar Freeland
images & text © 1994 - 2012 dar freeland | all rights reserved

When we walk through our house, (not yet our home) what is our focus? Is it the ants swarming our food, or the cracks in the walls that threaten in a whisper…”I will fall down around your head one day…” – is this our focus?

Today, on a day designated to celebrate love – can we focus instead on the beautiful blooms in the garden – the voice of spring itself bursting forth in the yard, despite dismal attempts at caretaking with impossible schedules to achieve? Can we look upon each other with loving eyes for the blessings of the things we admire and respect about one another – just as we look with loving anticipation at a pair of old ducks looking to roost in the pond?

Today, can we be as grateful for the roof over our heads, when looking out upon those without one. Can we focus instead on the gift of freedom to choose our new destiny, when looking out upon those who do not have a choice? Can we remember why we fell in love in the first place, what brought us to share our lives together? Can we remember the bigness of who we are, instead of grasping at our smallness, and weakness – in our vain attempt to justify why we want to give up and have it be “easier”? A house takes tending, a heart takes tending, a love takes tending.

The relating part of relationship isn’t always easy. For some, it is worth it.

Can I see, that all of this is my story told to me by a house? Will we walk away from the ants and cracks? Will we make a house, our home?

--dar freeland

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