Thursday, April 12, 2012


Face Up • The Art of Recognition • "Gone Back Home" by Dar Freeland
images & text © 1994 - 2012 dar freeland | all rights reserved

A treasure knows its true value, even when buried below the sand of the seabed floor.

A treasure’s value doesn’t ever diminish. To remember itself, it may still look up from beneath the sand and see beautiful coral groves and everything above – dancing within the current. It can see colored fish darting and bobbing, even though it is buried beneath the sand, and the enormous weight of water and years crush down upon it. It can still look up - and even beyond - the tangle of new growing coral, the enormous beauty of the color swept fish – discovering and exploring their own new world.

Treasure knows it is still beautiful and valuable – even though obscured from the view of any onlooker.

The treasure can look even beyond the chaos and see sunlight piercing through the water - peering down at it with a nod. The rays remind of a life that once was, that waits again for the day that the treasure and the sun will one day meet again. A treasure’s value will be known again – if only in a different world, one that lives a different life above the waves, than what the treasure once knew.

The silent weight of the sea brushes over the treasure. She weeps at its caress, knowing it seeks only to remind her she is still alive, still valuable – simply unseen for now.

The treasure notices that she sailed too soon, and she fell by God’s design in an angry sea – and sank to the depths. She learned no matter how much her value remained (value being an illusion in the grand design, a story made of nothing) that it alone could not lift her back to the surface to meet again with the sun.

Within her cloud of illusion, she forgot how to rise.

No one came for her, and she was forgotten. So she spent her days peering through the sand, watching the beautiful colors of life swim by, and sending love to the world by winking at the sun through the rays that reach through the ocean. The Sun's love reminded. She will never again forget her value, or how her love sparkled to those who knew her above water – when she could touch the sky.

As every true treasure knows – its value is in what it gives, in what it has given…a bell that cannot be un-rung.

A treasure is not any less valuable, because it rests, obscured, at the bottom of the sea. It does not give any less with an ocean sitting upon it. The gifts journey through more layers to reach the sun, but they are given none-the-less.

Treasure is only obscured from the sight of those who would assign it a meaning.

Treasure becomes something to someone else, only when it is observed. Yet to itself, it is always itself, and knows it with absolute certainty.

There are days she will weep at her yearning to touch others, and give her value, what she truly holds inside of her. Even knowing her truth, she still has moments when not sharing and connecting will frustrate. Eventually she will observe her own weeping and yearning - once tired of it, and shrug.

She’ll be discovered again one day, and her love will sparkle in the warmth and connection with the sun. She will then recall, that she was never disconnected at all.

--dar freeland

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